When customers are looking to launch a product or rebuild an existing one, they may need an a technology team under a contingent workforce program that may get converted to a full time employee depending on the growth of the product or company at large. Under such scenarios, TriOptus promises to deliver technology stars that are highly-specialized to deliver results right off the bat with bare minimum training. TriOptus wants to promote and encourage this mode of employment as it permits a lot of flexibility to candidates to experience different cultures, projects, technologies and as opportunity permits become a permanent contributor to those companies.

Services We offer.

Direct Hire

When customers are certain about a role that they need on a full time basis and an individual that can suffice their project deliverable needs, We can...

Contract Hire

When customers are not too sure about a specific technology need and are forecasting a short duration of the need, TriOptus helps fill that need gap through contract hiring where we find candidates rich in the technology assist needed for as short as 2 months of duration. Candidates are often not to...

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