Taking into consideration the volatile dynamics of our global economic system, it has become a precondition for every business to consolidate their non-core financial services to ascertain a competitive edge. Today, CFOs and CPAs across the globe seek out accounting outsourcing firms that can assist them in reducing the company’s operating costs, increasing profits and establishing benchmarks for superior governance and conformity to regulations. That is exactly why the majority of them outsource accounting services to a third party company. We, at TriOptus, fully grasp this compelling requirement of businesses and provide an extensive range of accounting back office services at competitive costs.


TriOptus’s finance and accounting outsourcing services are outlined to support the client by setting up compliance and controls, equalizing expenditure and growth, cutting down the cash cycle and increasing the ROI. Size doesn’t make a difference for us & every client is equally important for us. We seek to serve you in the most efficient manner.


At TriOptus, we provide proficient high quality payroll services. Our services span end-to-end payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting services. Take advantage of our expertise and lighten routine administrative tasks by partnering with us. Reduce costs and increase profits – outsourcing payroll services to TriOptus will reduce operating costs by up to 50%.


Services We offer.


  • Setting Up Chart of Accounts
  • Billing for goods sold or services
  • Recording receipts from customers
  • Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers
  • Paying suppliers
  • Processing employees’ pay and the related governmental reports
  • Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
  • Entering Bank Details
  • Allocating the account entries
  • Value-added bookkeeping
  • Month-end or year-end closing


  • Order management
  • Customer billing
  • Customer aging
  • Collections management
  • Cash forecasting & reporting


  • Bank statement reconciliation with your bank statement
  • Credit card reconciliation with your statement records
  • Matching of invoice with your ledger as well as journal entries
  • Sequencing of checks
  • Balance sheet reconciliation


  • Payroll setup
  • Payday calculations and direct deposits
  • Payroll taxes calculation and form filling
  • 941, 1099, 940 and quarterly state tax returns


United States

  • Individual Tax Returns: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR
  • Business Tax Returns: 1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041, 990
  • Sales and Use Tax Returns


  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Detail general ledger report
  • Fixed asset account management


  • Invoice imaging and storing
  • Invoice approval
  • Expense allocation
  • Online payment approval
  • Check processing
  • Handling of vendor inquiries

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  • What is outsourcing Payroll Processing Services mean?

    It involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business. Save cost, focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions. Payroll processing load can increase seasonally, at the end of the financial year when taxes need to be filed. Outsourcing this task to TriOptus gives you higher flexibility with staffing. The time zone advantage also plays a big role during peak season. The team in India continues working while your US team is asleep, keeping the process going for 24 hours.
  • Why Outsource Payroll Processing Services to TriOptus?

    TriOptus has core competency in payroll processing. Our team has over 10 years of experience providing high quality services to companies around the world.

    - TriOptus can manage your payroll services and also help you with other administrative business functions such as HR and time and attendance. We integrate HR processes into our payroll processing allowing you to maximize time saving and minimize expenses. Outsource payroll accounting services to TriOptus and benefit from high-quality services at low costs.
    - Each company has different needs and to cater to this, we create customized payroll accounting solutions.
    - TRIOPTUS offers a complete service – payroll processing, tax administration and reporting.
    - Use our finance and accounting services software that lets you customize fields and functionalities with a simple click of the mouse.
    - With our breadth of experience, you can be sure that your payroll and tax filing will be calculated accurately, on time, every time.
    - We have very strict data privacy and security regulations and guarantee that your information is safe with us. Outsource Payroll Services to TriOptus and benefit from our expert services.

    If you are looking for a specific payroll accounting service and don’t see it, we can probably customize it – just ask.
  • Top 5 benefits of outsourcing payroll processing.

    - No more IRS penalties
    - Your employees get the advantage of direct deposit
    - Get specialized service from your vendor
    - Be assured that the latest tax tables are being used
    - Avoid the hassle of handling payroll in-house and focus on your core business
  • What payroll Processing Software Used at TRIOPTUS.

    We use the following payroll accounting software at TRIOPTUS to ensure that we provide our customers with fast and accurate services –

    - QuickBooks (Intuit) Payroll
    - Paybooks
    - PayCycle
    - PayChex
    - ADP
    - Deltek
    - Accountix

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