When customers are not too sure about a specific technology need and are forecasting a short duration of the need, TriOptus helps fill that need gap through contract hiring where we find candidates rich in the technology assist needed for as short as 2 months of duration. Candidates are often not too excited and interested in short assignments unless they see value addition to their skill set or experience during the short assignments. This is where TriOptus identify the resources who may get a hands-on opportunity to up-skill and enhance their experience working with TriOptus clients who would need them on a temporary basis.

Services We offer.

Direct Hire

When customers are certain about a role that they need on a full time basis and an individual that can suffice their project deliverable needs, We can...

Contract to Hire

When customers are looking to launch a product or rebuild an existing one, they may need an a technology team under a contingent workforce program that may get converted to a full time employee depending on the growth of the product or company at large. Under such scenarios, TriOptus promises to del...

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