We like to keep up with the modern times, as our client change we change with them. Our RPO service is focused on the outsourcing of all or part of your recruitment process to our senior recruitment experts.

Similar to a staffing agency, TriOptus submits stellar candidates who precisely match your job requisitions. If hired by you, the candidate becomes your full-time employee or directly execute consulting contracts with you. TriOptus is not a party to the contractual relationship between the candidate and you.




Partners With Global Leaders in The US & Canada Region

Why let your business suffer due to lack of proficient employees? Your chances of getting strategic advantage is right here with TriOptus. Our smart and innovative methods come at affordable price to provide your company with the top-rank talents. Wait not, waste not the opportunities of being with the best.


Services We offer.


Recruiting is all about reaching out to the right candidate at the right time.

TriOptus sourcers will get you candidates when you and your competitors are fast asleep.

Preliminary Screen Recruiting

TriOptus’s pre-screen recruiters save your in-house recruiters time and allow you to close more opportunities. Our Pre-screen recruiters work during the US day (Indian nightshift) hours and interact with candidates using scripts and email templates based on client requirements. The pre-screen recru...

Full Lifecycle Recruiting

TriOptus’s full lifecycle recruiters perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that includes sourcing, comprehensive candidate interviewing and qualificatio...

Health Care RPO

In the present environment of nursing & healthcare professional’s shortage, finding the right candidates to fill clinical roles can be a challenge. TriOptus Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides a planned, value-based recruitment outsourcing solutions to fill your clinical positi...

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