Types of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services you need to know about!
17 Apr 2023

A firm may outsource all or a portion of its permanent hiring to a third-party source through recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), a workforce solution. You may outsource things like candidate sourcing, candidate screening, offer execution, logistics of the interview, compliance, and more using RPO. 


The administration of permanent hiring within a company is the responsibility of an RPO provider, who frequently embeds outsourced recruiters within the HR or people department of the company. 


RPO is a dynamic and very efficient solution for all types of employment requirements. You may select the precise kind of expertise you want, whether it's handling your complete hiring process or outsourcing a certain set of services.


By serving as an extension of your company's staff and enhancing your capabilities, a trustworthy RPO provider like TriOptus can help. You may be unaware that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is not a one-size fits all method. RPO provides a number of options made to fit your unique hiring requirements.


Hiring On Demand

This method is a commonly used strategy for businesses that need to hire people due to a certain condition, such as over the holidays or in the summer. Several companies have unpredictable staffing demands that fluctuate from quarter to quarter. 


You could receive numerous contracts within a year, need to hire a lot of people, and then need to reduce the workforce as necessary. When it comes to RPO, scalability is paramount. 


You get immediate access to the tools of a global recruiter who is familiar with your business, your message, and your procedures. When you demand an extra pair of hands to work smoothly with your team, this model can provide you a dedicated recruitment resource.


Project-based RPO

If your business wishes to keep using its internal hiring procedures for routine hiring while enlisting the assistance of external recruiters for particular projects, project-based RPO is an excellent strategy to consider. 


For short-term employment requirements with clear goals and a specified scope and timetable, project-based RPO is suitable. Having extra employees on hand is beneficial when your business is changing its strategy, introducing a new product or service, or growing in scope.


Project-based RPOs allow you to hire staff with in-depth experience working on highly specialized projects, and they can help you expand your workforce appropriately to handle these changes to your company.


Hybrid RPO

The hybrid RPO model's adaptable structure might introduce ingenious ideas to improve your recruitment strategy. The ideal fusion of hiring for contingent and permanent positions is the whole workforce solution. 


Your business may continue to have total discretion over what is insourced and what is outsourced. By using this structure, you may benefit from assistance from RPO recruiting teams established to cooperate with your current recruitment department. 


Also, you won't ever have to be concerned about compliance regulations again. RPO providers will have access to a personalized email account, which will give applicants the impression that they are a part of your company and build trust among the personnels.


Enterprise RPO

A recruitment process outsourcing option that combines people, processes, technology, and affordability is called Enterprise RPO. Your RPO service will offer help and expertise at every stage of the recruiting process, from the initial candidate sourcing and screening efforts to conducting interviews and navigating the hiring process. 


Growing start-ups with limited resources, such as money, time, or infrastructure, frequently choose this approach. That could turn out to be your best-kept secret.

Significant cost-saving, productivity, and compliance-related advantages are expected with this full-service approach. To quickly create high-quality workforce solutions, your RPO provider will give you a wealth of resources.


Regardless of the resource type, these holistic approaches to talent enable firms to make smart business decisions. Other than this, there are several RPO alternatives that may be customized to meet your needs. 


Some will be more suitable for you than others, thus at TriOptus, we advise speaking with one of our Client Service specialists who can navigate you to assess the best solution to your staffing needs. TriOptus offers free capability calls to help you decide which RPO model is best for you. Call us now at 862-272-0555 or email at info@trioptus.com


Even if you don't end up choosing us, we want to make sure that you are well-informed and select an RPO provider who is reliable and offers a service that is well-suited to your requirements.

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