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02 Jun 2023

In the United States and other countries, June is Pride Month. Pride, originally known as Gay Pride, is a celebration of the visibility, respect, and variety of the LGBTQ community as well as an endorsement of equal rights. Communities organize marches and other activities during Pride Month to spread awareness of LGBTQ problems including transphobia (anti-transgender) and job discrimination.


Pride Month is a great opportunity to refresh and advance knowledge of terms related to LGBTQ identity and advocacy. After all, the terminology used to discuss LGBTQ individuals and situations is continuously evolving. In this article, we will go over some of these changes and why they are significant.


What is meant by LGBTQIA+?

The initialism (officially an acronym) LGBTQIA+ or one of its variations has probably been used before. The meaning of each letter in this acronym is as follows:


L: Lesbian

G: Gay

B: Bi(sexual) 

T: Trans(gender)

Q: Queer or Questioning (sexuality and/or gender identity)

I: Intersex

A: Asexual or Aromantic

+: The + sign represents other gender and sexual identities not included by the alphabet, such as pansexuality and gender fluidity.


The A in this abbreviation is sometimes referred to as a "ally," which is a word for cis, straight persons who actively support LGBTQ people. The term is meant to represent the LGBTQ community, not its supporters, therefore this attribution is debatable.


Here’s a brief definition of different variations of the following acronyms:


LGBT: This shorthand for gender and sexual diversity is the most often used. As in GLBT, the letters are occasionally rearranged.

LGBTQ: According to Google Trends, this abbreviation has grown in popularity in recent years and adds the "Q" for "queer" to be more inclusive of a range of gender and sexual identities.

Beyond LGBTQIA+: Other variations of these acronyms have been adopted to better suit how the individuals in those groups self-identify, depending on the community, organization, or culture.

LGB: TERFs, or anti-trans activists, are known to use this abbreviation. To intentionally exclude trans persons, the T has been omitted.


At TriOptus, we firmly believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to be their authentic selves.

One of the ways we support the LGBTQ community is by actively promoting an inclusive hiring process. We ensure that our job postings explicitly state our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This helps to create a welcoming environment from the very beginning and encourages LGBTQ individuals to apply for positions within our company.


With the onset of June, TriOptus shares its support and celebrates the LGBTQ community during the Pride Month. We believe that it's important to not only show our support year-round but to also highlight and honor the progress and struggles of the LGBTQ community during this special month.




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