The increasing importance of RPO in the Healthcare and Biotech industry
07 Oct 2022

The healthcare industry is the most essential and fundamental part of people’s lives, supporting their health and well-being. The most significant area of the American economy is the healthcare industry, in many respects. For the economy to function correctly, the healthcare sector must be in good shape. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues with American healthcare.


Despite spending more than other nations, the United States does not have outstanding health results. Spending by private and public payers has both increased. The United States has a healthcare system that primarily consists of private providers and private insurance, but as healthcare has become a more significant part of the economy, a higher share of healthcare funding has been provided by the government. But the economy was most affected after the Covid-19 outbreak.


The healthcare sector was thrown into the eye of the storm by the epidemic that occurred once in a century. It's concerning that access problems are getting worse because of COVID-19 and the scarcity of clinical professionals while affordability problems are getting more difficult to address. Nearly half of the profit pools might be in danger as a result of the impending storm, which has the power to completely overhaul the healthcare sector. 


Seemingly overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the course of health care’s future. The healthcare ecosystem and the people it serves must manage a parallel universe of virtual doctor visits, remote working, and severe shortages in the supply chain. For the healthcare industry, the COVID-19 pandemic is more than a black swan event. However it does provide the healthcare industry with a considerable chance to develop more quickly and, in some ways, rebuild itself.


Health services utilization dropped precipitously as providers cancelled elective care and patients practising social distancing avoided health facilities. The COVID-19 recession, though, was noticeably different because as lockdowns expanded across the nation, jobs in the health industry as well as jobs in other sectors experienced a severe decline. Even still, job losses in the health sector were not quite as severe as those in the rest of the economy. Health employment decreased by 8.13% from the prior year in April 2020. 


At the beginning of the pandemic, the number of workers quitting their jobs declined sharply. Since the beginning of 2021, workers have been leaving their jobs at higher rates than they had before the pandemic started. The media has focused on the rise in job turnover among healthcare employees, although many people are leaving their jobs in many sectors of the economy (the "great resignation"); in November 2021, quit rates reached their highest-ever levels. Since then, the number of quits has marginally decreased but is still much more than it was before the outbreak.


When it comes to the healthcare industry there should be no room for error and the same applies to the healthcare recruitment process. Finding the ideal individual, however, is a huge challenge for most healthcare institutions due to periodic healthcare changes, shrinking budgets, and workforce scarcity.


Here, availing strategic talent solutions of TriOptus to handle this overwhelming recruitment process is one of your best courses of action. The main motto of TriOptus is to provide talent acquisition solutions to its customers (in this case, healthcare firms). Partnering with TriOptus that offers world-class healthcare recruitment solutions will give you a competitive edge through a cutting-edge talent acquisition strategy.


Understanding the value of winning better clients, more efficiently and quickly is what an ideal healthcare firm will do. Since TriOptus acts as your agile recruiting solution, it can easily deliver on all the aforementioned promises. Intense competition is present in the healthcare sector for top talent, especially since this competition is present for both clinical and non-clinical employment categories, TriOptus uses its expertise and technology to find stellar healthcare professionals who not only fit your work culture but even stay loyal. Due to the improvement in technology, the growing demand for healthcare services, and the rise in non-communicable illnesses, the healthcare sector will see a major period of growth, which will lead to the requirement for more people to fulfil the growing needs.


Concepts like mass recruiting or hiring applicants quickly are something that you can never implement because of the need for specialised talent. The majority of healthcare positions need substantial education, training and certification, and these requirements seem to be increasing in demand over time. Because healthcare service is not only about books and degrees, even the most qualified applicant has to have at least 2-3 years of experience.


With so many challenges for recruiters in the healthcare industry, opting for healthcare recruitment outsourcing services such as that of TriOptus makes it an ideal option. At TriOptus, we apply our experience and technological resources to drive across your HR functions, raising the bar for talent acquisition in the most cost effective way. 

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