The Future of RPO: How AI and Automation Are Changing the Game
28 Mar 2023

How are AI and automation shaping the future of recruitment process outsourcing?


The advent of AI is making waves all over, and recruitment is no exception. Digital is the way forward for recruitment. And when it comes to digital recruiting, RPOs are sure to lead the way. 


For many businesses, hiring employees can be a resource-intensive process. RPOs can help companies save time and money while also improving the quality of their hires. 


Let us look at how RPOs will change the recruitment game by leveraging AI and automation.


Ascertaining the limits of AI


To begin with, it is critical to recognize that automation is not an arms race in which we have to go all in. It is crucial to determine how far we need to automate our processes. AI can paint a beautiful-looking picture of the future. But if it misses the mark, the waters may get murkier. The real deal is figuring out how to optimise AI while still retaining the human touch in hiring. A good mix of both will be a game changer in the face of recruitment.


Remember that AI is not meant to replace the human touch in hiring. Its purpose is to add to the candidate's experience. We must not lose sight of the fact that a job search is an emotional and personal experience for the candidate. The use of AI should not overwhelm the candidate in any way. It should only enhance their experience. 


This is where RPOs shine. RPOs know the thin line between using and overusing technology to drive recruitment. Here are a few reasons why the digital era of recruitment belongs to RPOs.


Why will RPOs rule the digital recruitment era?


RPOs have a clear edge when it comes to acing the digital recruitment scene. Here is how.


1. Access to data


AI thrives on data and data alone. And RPOs have a rich bank of high-quality data. They work with huge chunks of reliable data to find the right fit for the client. This gives them an extra edge compared to in-house talent teams. It also makes them better equipped to hold the reins of digital recruitment in the future.   


2. Access to hiring metrics


RPOs use a wide range of metrics for tracking hiring quality, time, and cost. This is one of their main differentiators in the AI game. Tracking these metrics makes recruitment data-driven and result-oriented. It helps to make key hiring decisions backed by actionable insights. It also makes the hiring spree a lot more cost-effective and time-saving. 


3. Access to a larger talent pool


RPOs can reach talent from across the world thanks to their extensive database. Their search for talent is not confined by a specific region, space, or boundary. Furthermore, they understand how to use the right tech channels for sourcing talent. This includes the use of social media as well. It is a huge help in attracting Gen Z, the next generation of talent.


What future recruitment benefits will RPOs bring?


With RPOs in the spotlight, the future of recruitment appears bright and promising. Let us see how.


1. Automation of manual tasks


RPOs can streamline the recruiting work flow to a great extent. They can distribute job postings to many job boards at a time. This helps to maximize the reach of job listings while minimizing manual intervention.


2. Enhanced candidate experience


RPOs often use chatbots and virtual assistants in the hiring process. These tools can engage with candidates and answer their questions. This provides a personalized experience for the candidate. It also reduces the workload of recruiters and allows them to focus on more strategic tasks.


3. Accurate candidate matching


RPOs make use of intensive AI-powered algorithms to analyze candidate data. They take into account several factors, like skills, experience, and personality traits. This helps to identify the best candidate for a particular job. It also improves the accuracy of the matching process. Candidates can align themselves with the roles that are best suited to their skills and experience.


4. Improved onboarding process


RPOs rely on automated workflows to onboard new hires. This ensures that candidates have all the information they need to get started. It also ensures that new hires are productive and up to speed from the start.



AI and automation are changing the game for RPO providers. These technologies are transforming the way recruiters work and streamlining processes. AI is also improving hiring accuracy and enhancing the candidate experience. The benefits of AI and automation in RPO are significant and will only continue to grow in the future. 


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