RPO: A hassle-free tool for developing competencies across verticals
02 Aug 2022
  1. There has always been a challenge for hiring the right talent for the right job. Over the past few years and mainly post covid, there has been a  drastic change in the job marketplace. The increase in demand for high potential talent has also increased the competition amongst the employers.

It is vital for every company to onboard not a great but the right talent in the organization in order to maintain a company’s thriving work culture, uphold it’s brand and most importantly to align it’s employees with its vision, mission and values.

The process of recruiting is always challenging for numerous reasons and a wrong hire can lead to a toxic environment adversely affecting other employees and the overall work culture of the organization.In order to improve the employee selection process, many organizations have started depending upon staffing agencies. These staffing agencies have extremely high operating costs and hence a lot of them turn towards outsourcing the recruiting process to the experts - RPO companies such as TriOptus.


What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing is an initiative taken by businesses to outsource their process of recruitment either partially or entirely to a third party or any service provider. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing service providers help companies and enterprises to solve their most concerning problem of recruitment by finding the best suitable candidate for the associated company in the least amount of cost-to-hire...

This initiative has resulted in quickly replacing the other methods of recruitment to provide a better holistic workplace in the market. .

The scope of finding the right talent by following the traditional method of recruitment can be time consuming if you lack the right team of recruiters, very expensive if you try to purchase various databases/job boards available on the internet and most essentially ineffective and inefficient leading to a very high cost per hire. With Recruitment Process Outsourcing service providers, you can sit back and relax while they take full responsibility for the designing and execution of the entire recruitment process. Whether you need to hire internal talent or for your client, RPO recruiters will always be your best and most affordable solution..

The RPO process involves strategic planning, sourcing, candidate management, talent acquisition, risk management, and analytical support which you do not get to see with the traditional recruitment process.


Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing services


Outsourcing the porousness of recruitment to RPO companies has drastically increased in recent times. The recruitment process has evolved from the traditional method of hiring to RPO and it ensures that the right talent is hired in a well-governed manner.

Let us look over some of the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing services


  1. Provides scalable solutions: The hiring needs of companies might vary from time to time. So hiring the right candidate in such circumstances could be challenging. But a good Recruitment Process Outsourcing service provider can handle this situation with ease. At TriOptus, we offer flexible recruiting solutions to scale up or down based on the volume of your/your client’s hiring needs.
  2. Makes the recruitment process more efficient: There are a lot of duties to be fulfilled by your team – pre-screening, interview scheduling, selection of candidates, identifying viable candidates, verification of information, and balancing the day-to-day operations puts other essential tasks on the back seat. With the help of RPO, you can outsource all or just a part of your recruitment process. It will free you up allowing you to focus on operations/HR strategy and client management.
  3. You’ve become a new supplier to one of a volume driven hiring organization and your existing recruiters already have enough on their plate and cannot take up additional roles to work on. Either you hire new recruiters onsite leading to a significant increase in cost even before you make your first placement with your new client or you partner with an RPO company such as TriOptus. If this situation sounds familiar, be mindful that a trusted RPO partner such as TriOptus can help you build a high performance recruiting team with complete access to its top of the line technology and candidate databases with robust processes to hunt stellar talent for your client with over 70% cost reduction.
  4. Best tech to hire the best techies - From the past few years, staffing companies and agencies were after outdated processes and technologies. It is required to embrace and cope with change in the right way. However, implementing new technology and combining it with the cost of job boards will start wiping off even the necessary recruitment budget. 
    Resultantly, it states the need for taking external help that gives access to the latest technology. It will not be wrong to mention that the RPO solution for any recruitment company/agency is a bespoke solution for the latest techniques and technologies.
  5. Boost employer brand: It is essential to portray the right and effective image of the company in front of the candidates in the right way so as to attract the right talents. Projecting the right image of the company will let the company know why the selected candidates should be working with athe particular c company. This will help to boost the employer's brand.
  6. Reduced time of hiring: One of the biggest factors which are responsible for the increase in the cost of recruitment is the hiring time. A lengthy recruitment process will only result in an increase in overall recruitment cost. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing service providers strictly follows the timelines by following a personalized client-specific recruitmenttr strategy in its each hiring process. This helps to reduce the time  to hire and the overall cost of operations.

TriOptus is a leading RPO service provider in the industry that can render excellent support while you can focus on other sales and other administrative duties. The situation of crisis is well managed by TriOptus, where the level of commitment and engagement is much higher.

Drop an email at  info@trioptus.com or call us on our US Line +1-862-272-0555 to setup a discovery call with one of our RPO experts.


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