Identifying Four Signs That Indicate It's Time to Move on From Your RPO Provider
05 Sep 2023

Is it time to think about changing your RPO provider? RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing, and it's like having a partner who helps you find the right people to work in your company. But how do you know if your RPO partner is still a good fit for you?


Sign 1: They don't come up with new ideas


Imagine you have a garden, and your RPO provider is supposed to help it grow. But if they don't use new tools or techniques, your garden won't thrive. A good RPO partner should always be thinking of new ways to find the best people for your company.


This new thinking could be making a special group of talented people or using a new computer tool to keep track of potential employees. The point is, they should be doing things that fit your company's needs.


When your RPO provider doesn't think of these new ideas or doesn't use them in a way that helps you, it's a sign that they might not be the right fit for you anymore.


Innovation means coming up with new and better ways to do things, and it should be focused on helping your company:


  • Be better partners with other companies
  • Plan for the future when it comes to hiring people
  • Make sure the people they find are helping your company make money


Your RPO provider should talk to you about what innovation means for your company. If they don't, it might be time to find a new partner who will help your company succeed.


Sign 2: Trouble Being Flexible


Let's talk about being adaptable. Imagine you have a friend who always wants to do things their way and never listens to your ideas. It can be frustrating, right? Well, in the world of hiring and recruitment, flexibility is crucial too. According to a report by NelsonHall, in 2023, companies want their hiring partners to be flexible. This means they should be ready to change their approach based on what you need.


Good recruitment partners understand that there's a shortage of talented people worldwide. So, they offer more than just basic recruiting. They provide services like HR help and quick hiring programs. They even give advice to speed up hiring and make the job-hunting experience better for candidates. Without this flexibility, companies won't succeed in their hiring journey.


Switching to a new partner might seem like a hassle, but it's better than getting bad results. The best recruitment partners offer advice, different services, and the ability to adapt to your needs. So, if you want things like automated technology, better ways to find new employees, or quick services, think about whether your current partner can do these things. After all, you hired them to help you find great people for your company, so they should be flexible and helpful.


Sign 3: Trouble Growing with You


Picture this: your business is doing really well, and you need to hire more people quickly. Maybe you're launching a new product or expanding globally. During these busy times, your recruitment partner should be able to provide extra help. This is called scalability, and it's a big part of having a long-term plan for finding talent.


Think about it like having a sports team. You have your main players, but you also need substitutes on the bench. That way, if you suddenly need more players, you can bring them in right away without waiting. This makes the hiring process faster and better.


Good recruitment partners not only give you dedicated help but also have a group of skilled recruiters ready to join your team when you need them. This way, you don't waste time when you have to hire a lot of people all at once. They also offer advice, improve the technology you use for hiring, do research on the job market, and train your managers in hiring skills. All of this helps you grow and find the best people for your company, especially during uncertain times. So, if your current partner can't do these things, it might be time to find one that can grow with you.


Sign 4: No data and analytics to tell your story


Imagine you're trying to make a delicious cake, but you don't have a recipe or any idea of how much sugar or flour to use. It would be a bit chaotic, right? Well, in the world of hiring people, having the right information is just as important.


When you're trying to find the best people to join your team, you need to have data – like numbers and facts – to help you make smart choices. This data can show you how well things are going and where you need to make improvements. It's like having a GPS for your hiring process!


People who help with hiring, called RPO providers, know this very well. They have a team of experts who can look at all the information and help you make better decisions. They even use fancy computer programs to do this. It's like having a team of detectives to solve a mystery!


So, why is all this data important? Well, it's like telling a great story. Imagine you're sharing a cool adventure you had with your friends. You'd want to give them all the exciting details, right? The same goes for your hiring process. You can tell an amazing story about how you're finding awesome people, and you can prove it with the data to get more clients or even attract the best talent out there. 


When you're deciding if your current RPO provider is doing a good job or if you should find a new one, make sure they can explain the story behind the data. This story will help your whole team understand what's happening, and it might even inspire new ideas.


Now, here's the important part: when you're thinking about whether to keep your current RPO partner or find a new one, take a moment to look at how they use data. Are they helping you make smart choices? Are they like the GPS for your hiring adventure? If not, maybe it's time to find a new partner.


In the ever-changing world of finding the right people for your team, you deserve the best help. Look for an RPO partner who knows how to use data to guide you on your journey and help you reach your goals. It's like having a trusty co-pilot on your talent-hunting adventure!




When considering whether to change your RPO provider, it's essential to evaluate their performance in four key areas. First, ensure they demonstrate innovation by constantly seeking new ways to find the best talent tailored to your company's needs. Second, prioritize flexibility, as an adaptable partner can better address the evolving demands of the job market. Third, assess their ability to grow with your company, providing scalability and support during busy times. Finally, emphasize the importance of data and analytics in telling the story of your hiring process, guiding smart decision-making.


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