Top 6 tips on how healthcare recruitment can modernize their approach to talent acquisition
04 Aug 2022

The demand for talent in the clinical healthcare sector is booming and will continue to do so in the future as well. During pandemic, it was seen that there was immense, unsurprisingly, intensified demand for clinical healthcare staff. 


On the other hand, burnout is also at its peak. Many healthcare workers have experienced burnout as a result, employees have either left the workforce or are planning to leave with an intent to search for a career that can offer a better work-life balance.


There is no quick fix to deal with this staffing shortage problem. But there are definitely some measures and steps that can be taken by talent acquisition teams to relieve the pressure on staff.



It is not due to the impact of the pandemic that the demand for digitalization has increased, and digital initiatives have always been in the mainstream and play a major role. During the pandemic, many healthcare centers launched their physician assistance/consultation on digital media platforms.


As a result, patients can contact the required physician without even leaving their homes leading to a significant decrease in workload for healthcare professionals. People who meet the requirements to work in healthcare would often have had a firm career path in mind when job hunting.


With the advent of telehealth and virtual appointment, there are many medical professionals who no longer exist onsite, and rather, they are offering their services only virtually now.



Following the new and modernized approach to recruitment in the healthcare industry has helped the industry to access fresh talent. Some of the tips that the healthcare recruiter companies need to adopt for talent acquisition are as follows:




It is observed that the job market has evolved and changed a lot in the past few years. Talking about strategic sourcing, talent acquisition professionals make use of new technologies and strategic methods to utilize the data and develop strategic decisions. 


The first step of strategic sourcing is to find out the total number of talented prospects who are reasonably qualified for an open requisition in the following region. It will let the healthcare recruiter companies provide the ideal hiring profiles to the hiring managers.


This can be achieved through a combination of the recruiting company’s internal database,  external data available from top job boards such as Wanderly, Onward Healthcare, RN Wanted and many others and from social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.



The talent pool is a database that contains the details of all the candidates who could be the next candidate to meet the hiring needs. Whereas, talent communities are the digital networks that give healthcare employers a chance to build genuine relationships with potential candidates. 


Talent pipelines drive qualified candidates of healthcare into the talent pool or talent communities. It is highly recommended to engage with the community members often to create the top of the mind awareness (TOMA) when they start looking for new career opportunities. 


Creating an ongoing pool of such candidates for a given location/region would allow you to fill those roles more proactively and bridge the opportunity gap for HCPs more seamlessly.



Employer branding plays a pivotal role in creating awareness about your company. Talking about TOMA (Top of the mind awareness) referred to earlier, can only be achieved through employer branding. Branding doesn’t necessarily refer to media advertisements but it’s simply engaging productively with your target audience on various social media platforms answering their queries or working as a true advisor to them.


The travel community in the healthcare industry is always looking for new opportunities and are looking for a trusted travel agency to find the right jobs for them. Search Engine Optimization and Website enhancements will complement a company’s employer branding initiatives.




For a business to work smoothly and consistently there is a need for strategic workforce planning. To identify the trend, like digitalization, and adopt the same, strategic planning could be a viable option. Segmentation of the workforce plays a major role in strategic planning as job families differ vividly in the healthcare sector.


There is a need to plan the workforce for each nurse, corporate member, and physician with a different approach and unique methodology. This will let you build a workforce in the first place and then hire against the same. In a nutshell, you need to first adjust your workforce strategies based on the type of the role to ensure you appeal to all groups.



New and modern talent acquisition technologies can make recruitment faster and better. There are various healthcare staffing firms that have adopted modern technologies for hiring the right talents. Working on Applicant Tracking Systems that are fully customizable as per your organization’s needs and its ability to integrate with the company’s website and other applications can truly make the recruiting experience a delight for recruiters as well as candidates.




Data and analytics are truly valued and play a vital role in organizations related to healthcare sectors. But many talent acquisition teams are not widely utilizing the available data effectively.


Metrics play a critical role in improving the talent acquisition process by showing areas that would benefit from optimization. Also, metrics can demonstrate the value talent acquisition and talent management bring to the wider organization. It is difficult to know which metrics to track and hence technology becomes imperative in deriving these metrics.


Thoughtful and logical consideration is required based on organizational needs. Most talent acquisition teams tend to track cost-per-hire metrics which gives insights into workforce planning, expansion of internal recruiting teams and investment on employer branding.




The demand for healthcare workers is evergreen. The right Recruitment Process Outsourcing company will help you find that talent with the right metrics and in the shortest span of time reducing your overall cost per hire. 


The best recruitment process outsourcing company will partner with your talent acquisition team and develop long-lasting frameworks which will lead to a higher impact on the workforce. Reach out to TriOptus at to modernize your approach to talent acquisition.

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