Fact vs. Fiction in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - RPO Services
13 Nov 2022

When companies collaborate with a third-party agency to meet their talent recruitment needs, this is known as recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. Specialized RPO agencies and certain consulting businesses may offer these services. Today, a reputable RPO service can benefit businesses greatly! A company like this can help you cut recruitment expenses, discover the talent you need to expand your business, and quickly replace unqualified workers in your staff.


However, there are certain misconceptions about RPO organizations, which is why some businesses might be reluctant to use their services. Do not fret! To help you make an informed choice, we're here to dispel some of these beliefs and separate reality from fiction.


Myth 1: Working with RPOs can result in higher hiring costs

Fact - Contrary to what many businesses may believe, engaging an RPO does not increase recruitment costs. In exchange for their fee, RPO agencies frequently split the majority of the company's hiring expenses. Additionally, these firms increase hiring efficiency, which lowers the overall cost for your company in the long term.


Good RPO partners will plan your recruitment strategy carefully and have access to cutting-edge technology. As a result, they could quickly give you access to a big pool of prospects. This would guarantee that you hire for the open position much more quickly than you had planned, saving you money and time. Therefore, working with an RPO cuts down on both your time and expense per hire!


Myth 2: RPO programs provide general, "one-size-fits-all" solutions.


Approach Fact: Your choice of RPO service will have a significant impact on this. We advise you to conduct thorough research and pick an RPO that offers strategies and programs tailored to your business' hiring needs.


Trioptus's programs are set up in accordance with the needs of the business in terms of talent acquisition. Everything is methodically carried out after taking into account the client's business requirements, from screening individuals in accordance with the quality standards established by the company culture to completing post-joining formalities as requested by the client.


Myth 3: RPO Agencies Can't Find Better Candidates Than In-House Recruitment.

Fact: Finding top talent is the primary duty of an Indian recruitment process outsourcing agency. In such a competitive job market, these firms tend to screen candidates faster because they work with the best recruitment resources and possess specialized abilities.


These firms are constantly updated with fresh information, whereas internal recruitment teams may find it challenging to stay up with changes in the recruitment business. In reality, they can put you in touch with potential employees who want to change employment but are not active on job boards.


This is why, despite having an internal talent acquisition team, even large organizations frequently outsource portions of their recruitment process to RPO firms! They can fill specific jobs faster and have less work on their own plate by working in tandem with such an agency and their own internal team.


Myth 4: Speaking with RPO executives will take too much time

Fact: For certain people, this might actually happen. To prevent falling into this trap, you must find a company that prioritizes your emails and has open lines of communication. Before signing any contracts, you must discuss all the RPO agency's contact routes. At Trioptus, we make sure a company doesn't squander its valuable time by continuously communicating requirements or even feedback to several executives.


Our governance process is extremely transparent, enabling quick and practical client dialogue. One account manager is based at the customer's location and is in charge of all correspondence between the client and the offshore delivery team. Therefore, for all needs and deliverables, the client only ever engages with one executive.


At Trioptus, we offer a variety of RPO services, such as recruiting resumes, interview scheduling, lead creation, company evaluation, document verification, pre- and post-joining formalities, etc.



So when you OPT US, you are looking to partner with a trusted (T) company that you can rely (R) on to create inspiring (I) results.


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